There are many different approaches and techniques that can be used to help your customers remember your particular product or service.  Some of the biggest organizations like McDonald’s, Nike and Apple invest heavily in this and once they have enchanted you into remembering who they are, you are more likely to purchase one of their products or service rather than the competitions.

Even if you don’t purchase one of these brand and identity products or services, you are heavily influenced by the message and will most likely become top of mind over a period of time.

If you can touch one’s emotions in any way, you will influence the consumer for years to come.

McDonald’s focused on children but also had a strong message to the parents.  Their goal was to create an environment that not only fed you and your children, but also created a place where a parent and child could gather and connect.  They basically created a family outing where a parent could feed their children as well being entertained through gifts for the kids, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and the most friendly icon of all, Ronald McDonald.   The golden arches logo was also developed for an easy recall for both the child and the parent.

Nike empowered you through the slogan ‘Just Do It’.  This particular slogan was created to reach out to the whole world, regardless of who you are to encourage you to engage in any activity.  They did this through extreme examples of sport showing a variety of different activities that are common to the population at large basically telling you that you can ‘Do it’ too.

Apple Computer used factual information through humour and is now one of the leaders in computers and personnel communication devices.  Their use of comedy comparing themselves to the competition was used for years creating a series of ongoing commercials. While doing this, they established themselves as not only a fun company to associate with but more importantly they established themselves as the leader in the industry in easy to use and intelligent devices.

Yes, brand identity marketing works and should be incorporated in all of your marketing efforts.  If you are consistent with your marketing and find the emotion that touches your prospect, it will help your customer recall who you are and influence them to pass your message along to others.